Got pranked?
Got pranked?
Got pranked?
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Mask your phone

Use any phone number as your Caller ID when you make calls and send SMS to protect yourself or play a prank on a friend. Works on all phones!

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Pre-recorded Pranks and Sounds

We have pre-recorded pranks and different background noises, so you can add them to your call and listen to feedback from the person you’re calling! Add night club noise or sounds of the sea to pretend that you are somewhere else.

Realtime Voice Modifier

Want to stay anonymous while making a call to someone? Modify your voice to male or female and protect your privacy! The voice modification takes place in real time. You can also modify your voice when calling from our mobile app!

Share your Gags with Friends

Share a recording of your call with friends in Facebook or Twitter, with modified voices and other goodies. Reveal the joke afterwards to the person you played a prank on and make others smile!

Text from any Sender ID

Set any number as your Sender ID when texting, or even use a name like "Santa Claus" or "Batman". Be creative and make people smile, not cry ;) Don't forget that you can do this from our mobile app too!

Make Calls from any Phone Number

Set any number as your Caller ID, which appears to the other party when you make an outgoing call. If this number is saved in the address book of the party receiving the call, it will show up as a real name. Total ‘WOW effect’ guaranteed!


We’ve got Mobile Apps

Keep playing pranks all the time! We've developed mobile apps that let you place calls from any number right from your phone. You can modify your voice and add background sounds too!


What can I do with FoxyCall?

How to prank call your friend

With Foxycall you can prank call your friends as easy as 1, 2, 3! The first thing you need to do is to come up with ideas of how to prank your friends, if your imagination fails you, you can always go online and see how other users prank friends. Now that you’ve decided on a prank and picked your victim, practice changing your voice so they wouldn’t recognize you. Using our website you can call any number you like and request your called ID to be masked, perfect for checking up on your girlfriend or boyfriend or just make fun of a friend. If you’re a new subscriber, Foxycall will let you try out its prank service for free!

Prank text messages

Using our service you’re not only able to prank call your friends, you also have an opportunity to send prank text messages to their cell phones and in this case you can also spoof the sender’s number to make the text appear to come from someone else in the victim’s contact list. Or you can use any random made up name to go with your prank sms, like Iron Man or Brad Pitt. If you play it well, the victim will not be able to tell if the sms is real or fake. That’s actually what makes such messages even funnier! Just make sure you’re not breaking the law and not trying to offend anyone, it’s so much better to make people smile!

Prank call voices

Aside from the fact that prank calling your friends you can mask and change your caller ID to make it look like someone else is calling, you can also take the advantage of our prank call voices option. That’s another level of anonymity since you can modify your voice in real time while you’re playing jokes on your pal. Our automatic voice changer can trick your victim into thinking that you’re a man if you’re a woman and vice versa. A great thing is that the voice modification option is both available when you prank call through our website and when you’re using a mobile app on your cell phone.

Prank call website

Foxycall is one of the top prank call websites that offers its subscribers an opportunity to make funny jokes and entertain their friends by calling from unidentified or spoofed caller IDs. Another cool option this site has is real time voice modification up to a point where a female voice is turned into a male’s one and the other way around. You can call anywhere in the world to any number you like and our service will ensure your call remains anonymous. Check on your girlfriend or boyfriend, make the person who doesn’t answer your calls pick up the phone or simply have fun by making up pranks!

Free prank calls online

Making a prank call to your friend, girlfriend or a total stranger is sometimes just what you need to fight boredom. As long as you’re not crossing the line you can have tons of fun by annoying or surprising your friends while remaining completely anonymous or pretending to be someone else. offers its users to make free prank calls online using their website with lots of cool features an options. The website has an online video tutorial on how to mask your caller’s ID to go unrecognized by your friends and even contains some free pre-recorded sounds and noises to help you make your prank more believable.

Free prank calls online

Prank text messages